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Tuition & Costs

The program shall charge no fees or cause the student to incur any costs except those specifically designated in the college catalog, the estimated cost sheet or the student policy manual.

The college shall assess and collect prevailing rates for tuition and application as outlined in the college catalog, course schedules and website.

The student is responsible for all costs incurred relative to travel to and from clinical assignments, uniforms required for clinical rotations, lead film identification markers, name tag, film badges, supplies, textbooks, etc. Transportation to and from the clinical assignment is the sole responsibility of the student. Columbia State does not assume liability for personal injury or property damage incurred during travel to and from these facilities.

Malpractice insurance coverage is required for students in the Radiologic Technology Program. Group malpractice coverage is purchased in conjunction with registration for radiologic technology courses.

Individual health insurance coverage is required before a student may attend clinical assignments. Proof of health insurance coverage is required before March 1 of each year. Students shall forward copies of new health insurance cards to faculty if coverage or carrier changes at any time during enrollment. Columbia State does not assume liability for any clinical-related injuries or cost of health care if a student is injured in the clinical setting.

Policies governing student withdrawal and refunds of tuition, fees, etc., shall be consistent with those of Columbia State Community College. Students may not withdraw from Radiologic Technology courses over Web for Students.

Radiologic Technology Estimated Cost

Estimated Cost Sheet 2023-2024
Estimate based upon all courses required for Rad Tech A.A.S. Degree.

Proof of Health Insurance coverage is also required before the student may begin transport assignments the Spring semester of the first year.