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Radiology Applicant Handbook

A student entering the profession of Radiologic Technology must understand that they are entering a field of medicine that requires certain professional standards that other career choices may not.

Professional dress, appearance and mode of communication must meet the profession’s standards in order to maintain the confidence and care of the patient. You should keep in mind that the patient’s first impression of you is strongly influenced by your personal appearance, including facial expressions and body language. Before the first word is spoken, patients begin to formulate an opinion of you, the person to whom they must entrust themselves during the course of the procedures that you may perform.

The program establishes dress and grooming codes appropriate to the hospital environment, and you are expected to adhere to these codes regardless of personal tastes.

The program has an established dress code and a code of conduct for your review before you are granted a formal interview. You must review the Applicant Handbook online before the application deadline. You may access the documents of the Applicant Handbook by clicking the following links or following instructions:
  1. Student Policy Manual 
  2. Standards for an Accredited Educational Program in Radiologic Sciences 
  3. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Standards of Ethics
  4. American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Radiography Practice Standards 
  5. Technical Standards
  6. Estimated Cost