students learning equipment

Technical Standards

According to the nature of the work required in the Radiologic Technology program offered at Columbia State Community College, a student must be able to:

  1. Reach, manipulate and operate equipment necessary for Radiologic Technology.
  2. Move, manipulate and observe a patient as necessary for radiography.
  3. Visually assess patients medical test results and the working environment to correctly decide the appropriate action to take for the benefit of the patient.
  4. Clearly communicate, both verbally and in writing, with the patient, family, co-workers and others to disseminate information relevant to patient care and work duties
  5. Be able to hear to accurately gather information relevant to patient and work duties.
  6. Make appropriate judgment decisions in an emergency or where a situation is not clearly governed by specific guidelines.
  7. Demonstrate emotional stability and psychological health in day-to-day interaction with clients/patients, staff, family and others, in routine and non-routine decision making processes, and on the daily execution of didactic and clinical assignments.

Each student must determine his/her own ability to achieve the technical standards of the program and will be required to submit a signed statement of that ability if offered admission to the program. These standards are developed in accordance with the institutional standards for allied health programs.