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Permanent Total Disability Waiver

Total Permanent Disability Fee Waiver (TCA 49-7-113)

Student residing in Tennessee and who are deemed totally and permanently disabled (TPD) may apply for a TPD Fee Waiver.

For the purpose of the TPD fee waiver, an individual is considered totally and permanently disabled if he/she is totally incapacitated from working at an occupation which brings him/her an income. Documentation of the disabling condition and its permanency as to preventing employment will be required.

Criteria that must be met includes:

1.) Students must submit proof of TPD to the Disability Resource Office, Jones Student Center, 147A. Documentation can be from a physician or an agency charged with declaring and/or compensating the TPD status. The physician letter or affidavit must state that the disability has a significant impact, is permanent in nature, and totally incapacitating. Agency documentation can include an agency award letter, copy of an agency check or other notification of the disability status.

2.) Student is not working at an occupation that bring an income.

3.) Student does not have an open file with State or Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

4.) This only applies to enrollment on a space available basis, which permits registration no earlier than four (4) weeks prior to the first day of classes.

For audit courses, no fee is required for persons with a permanent, total disability.

For credit courses, a fee of $70 per semester may be charged. (Note: This fee includes all mandatory fees; it does not include course specific fees such as all miscellaneous course fees, materials fees, application fee, online course fees and parking fees.)

Please contact Robyn Brian in the Disability Resource Center for more information: 931-540-2857 or

Assistive Technology

The Disability Resource Center has additional equipment available to be checked out semester to semester dependent on need.