Request Accommodation Instruction

  1. Returning students are responsible for communicating with DRC the need for an academic accommodation notification to be sent to faculty.
    1. Student may log in to AIM and submit the request by selecting my accommodations.
    2. Contact the DRC staff by email, phone, or in person to make the request.

Schedule of Exams

  1. Students approved for testing accommodations who plan to test in the college Testing Center will need to:
    1. Make sure the instructor has completed test contract.
    2. Log in to AIM.
    3. Select Schedule an exam.
    4. Choose class and campus location for taking the test.
  2. Student will receive confirmation of request by email and will also receive an email if the chosen date and time is not available.

How to Initiate Conversation with Instructors

  1. Accommodations are not initiated until communication between student and instructor has occurred.
  2. Students are encouraged to schedule an in person meeting as soon as possible with the instructor once the notification form is received.
  3. During meeting, student should ask questions relative to course which will help determine if accommodations are needed.
  4. If student is unable to meet with instructor in person, a phone conversation or email may be appropriate.
    1. If student does use this means of communication then the content needs to be specific for which accommodation is being requested and how it will be implemented
  5. If student has difficulty with scheduling an appointment or getting the accommodation set up, then the DRC staff should be contacted.


  • Responsible for self-identifying with DRC.
  • Responsible for scheduling a meeting with the instructors to discuss implementation of the accommodations.
  • Contact and/or request the accommodations be sent out.
  • Communicate any problems to the DRC as timely as possible.