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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department is made up of dedicated faculty and staff committed to helping students develop the skills necessary to achieve their academic goals.

Students who do not meet the state's minimum admissions requirements have the opportunity to take the ACCUPLACER® assessment test covering skills in reading, writing, and math. Academic deficiencies can be met by taking the courses identified through testing and assessment.

The purpose of the program is to help under prepared students pass college level courses and to graduate at the same level as better prepared students. The Learning Support Program integrates personal development and academic development into coursework and provides support services such as counseling, Teaching & Learning Centers, computer labs, and advising intervention. Learning Support has made it possible for thousands of students to succeed in their chosen field of study.

Learning Support General Information

multiple choice testPlacement

The Tennessee Board of Regents Academic Assessment and Placement Program is designed to help you succeed in college studies.  All students seeking credit must meet mandatory assessment and placement requirements prior to registering for courses with placement requirements.

General Info

A person writing with a pen.Learning Support Courses

These courses are provided in a co-requisite format to support academic performance in college-level courses.


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