Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based tracking system that allows students and advisors to monitor academic progress towards program. The worksheet is in an easy-to-read format that adapts to mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Degree Works – Goals for Students

The worksheet helps students to complete their program on time by:

  • Clearly displaying program requirements
  • Showing progress toward program completion
  • Identifying courses not being used in your program of study
  • Planning for future semesters
  • “What-If” functionality that assists when a new major/concentration is being considered 

Degree Works Student User Guide

Degree Works – Goals for Advisors and Faculty

Degree Works provides advisors and faculty with tools to assist students in their pursuit of program completion by:

  • Clearly displaying program requirements on the worksheet
  • Identifying completed course work as well as missing requirements
  • Identifying courses that are not in the student’s course program of study (CPoS)
  • “What-If” functionality that shows how a student’s courses fit into a new major or concentration
  • Providing the ability to create a comprehensive and customized Student Academic Plan 

Degree Works Advisor User Guide

Who can access Degree Works?

  • Degree or certificate seeking students who started in Fall 2016 or after.
  • All advisors plus faculty who advise students. 

Where do I access Degree Works?


  • Log-in to MyCN
  • Go to Banner Self-Service
  • Select the following:


  • Log-in to MyCN
  • Go to Banner Self-Service
  • Select “Faculty & Advisors”
  • Scroll to the bottom for Degree Works

Degree Works FAQ

What is a worksheet?

The worksheet details all requirements needed to complete an academic program. It is divided into cards -the building blocks of the program requirements. The worksheet shows what courses are completed, in-progress and pre-registered. The worksheet includes any transfer credit or credit by exam.

What is a card?
How current is the information?
What if I'm a double major?
How does Degree Works place course?
What does @ mean?
What is the difference between "GPA with LS" and "GPA without"?
What does it mean when course(s) are showing up on the "Not Applicable to Program" card?
What does it mean when course(s) are showing up on the "Over the Limit" card?

Coursework toward Program of Study (CPoS)

Only courses required for degree completion can be used to determine your aid eligibility for federal financial aid programs such as grants, work-study and loans. Your scholarships, loans and grants may be reduced if you enroll in the wrong classes. This applies to Federal Financial Aid and, beginning in Fall 2021, to State Financial Aid for Tennessee.

For federal and state aid to pay for a course it must be part of your Course Program of Study (CPoS) or be necessary to help you earn the total hours required for your degree.

For students who are awarded federal and/or state aid it is important that you check that courses you enroll in are eligible. The easiest way to make this determination is to access your worksheet in Degree Works and look to see if any courses are displayed on the “Not Applicable to Program” card. Courses displayed on this card are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

For more information, go to Coursework toward Program of Study