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Readmitted (Returning) Student

Returning Students have attended Columbia State before (including Dual Enrollment) and wish to return.

Readmitted (Returning) Student Application Steps
  • Complete Online Application.
    • Choose one of the following Admission Types: 
      • "10" (Readmission)
      • "11" (Readmit Transfer)
      • "12" (Readmit Technical Certificate)
      • "13" (Readmit Non-Degree Seeking)
      • "14" (Readmit Transient Student)
      • "15" (Readmit Dual Enrollment)
      • "16" (Freshman-currently Dual Enrolling. See also Returning Student)
  • Order Official Transcripts, if you attended another institution since last enrolled at Columbia State.
  • Proof of Citizenship/Lawful Presence
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What's Next?

Already Have a Degree?

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