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Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?

Students must be a junior or senior in high school.

What classes can I take as a dual enrollment student?
How much does dual enrollment cost?
Are dual enrollment classes harder than high school classes?
What is the dual enrollment grant?
Can I complete a FAFSA and use financial aid while still in high school?
Can I lose my dual enrollment grant?
Can I be removed from the dual enrollment program?
What's the difference between dual enrollment and academically talented/gifted enrollment?
I'm admitted as a dual enrollment student; why is Columbia State asking for my transcript again?
How many dual enrollment classes can I take?
Can my parent or spouse check on my account for me?
How long will it take for my admissions documents to be processed?
I was independently home school. Is my transcript considered official?
Do I need ACT or SAT scores to be admitted to Columbia State?
I'm being charged both in- and out-of-state tuition. Why is that?
Can I log into MyChargerNet before I am admitted?
I received my PVT username and password in my acceptance letter, but I can't log into MyChargerNet. What do I do?
I don't know my PVT username. Where can I find it?
Where can I find my Columbia State ID (aka "A" number) in MyChargerNet?
Where can I register for classes in MyChargerNet?
Where can I view holds on MyChargerNet?
Where can I confirm and pay for classes in MyChargerNet?