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Student Leadership

Usually held in November, the Student Leadership Institute is an annual event for high school juniors and seniors. The institute focuses on leadership and community skills, personal development and financial planning, as well as an exploration of career and educational options.

All high schools in Columbia State’s nine-county area—Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Marshall, Maury, Perry, Williamson and Wayne counties—receive an invitation for their junior and senior students to attend.

Minority Student Advisory Team

This organization is open to all historically under-represented students enrolled at Columbia State Community College.

Applications are available at—and should be turned in to—the Office of Access & Diversity. All applications will be reviewed and ten students will be chosen to serve for the academic year. These students will be involved in campus-wide and community activities throughout the year. Members of this organization will support the academic success initiatives of the college.
Minority Student Advisory Team Application for Membership

Dialogues of ME

An initiative supporting professional growth at the faculty and staff level.

This initiative is open to all historically under-represented groups at Columbia State Community College at the faculty and staff level.

Sessions are held once a semester.

Generational Mentoring Program (GMP)

Helping those Columbia State students who need an "education champion" in their lives.

The Generational Mentoring Program (GMP) pairs students at Columbia State with adult mentors in the communities the college serves. Mentors are trained to share information with potential students concerning admissions, registration, financial aid, academics, advising and career planning.  There are many students - first-generation, single parents, etc. - for whom it is crucial to have an "education champion" in their lives. These mentors will be members of our communities and include business owners, faith-based leaders and retirees, as well as organizational leaders and members.

College & Community Mentoring Initiative/Service Corps

The primary goal of this program is to foster mentoring relationships that support each mentee’s journey towards self-reliance, successful graduation and transfer to a four-year institution and/or job placement. To accomplish this, a companion goal of the College & Community Mentoring Initiative is to establish and organize a sustainable network of professionals through partnership with Maury Regional Medical Center and from staff and faculty from the five campuses who volunteer to support and guide students through the college experience and career planning. In keeping with the adopted Diversity Plan, this College & Community Mentoring Initiative will serve as a support system and a resource for this subpopulation of students with the end goal of maximizing their level of achievement through enrollment, retention, graduation and career advising. The subpopulation included in this grant is African American students who have the lower overall retention rate.  The two goals are 1) To increase African-American student retention by 10% and 2) Increase African-American student graduation by 15%.  Contact Access & Diversity at extension 931.540.2742.

Making a Plan (MAP)

MAP develops and implements a formal plan for identifying students who are historically at risk for completing higher education and developing a comprehensive plan that outlines support services and provides follow-up with students. This service enhances structure and accountability while providing general moral support. Students can learn more about this program by scheduling an appointment with the secretary in the Access and Diversity Department. The secretary in the Access and Diversity Department can be reached M-F from 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. by calling 931.540.2854 or by emailing

Inter-Cultural Life Organization (ICLO)

The Inter-Cultural Life Organization brings together students, faculty and staff interested in exploring ideas of diversity with analytical tools and approaches developed in a range of disciplines, committed to critical examination of historical and contemporary social issues through the lens of culture, diversity and internationalism. Contact Access and Diversity for information at 931.540.2644 and

Career Services Career Clusters Pilot Grant

The goal of the Career Services Career Clusters Pilot (CSCCP) is to coach and provide meaningful connection for targeted students in the process of choosing a major. CSCCP will help students identify a career cluster linked to the nearly 50 education pathway programs offered by Columbia State for informed career decisions, therefore decreasing the number of undecided majors. 

Learning Support Boot Camp

The goal of the Learning Support Boot Camp is to prepare targeted students for success on the ACCUPLACER® placement test (the challenge placement exam at Columbia State). 

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